Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Introducing Amazon SES (Simple Email Service)

http://aws.amazon.com/ses/Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a highly scalable and cost-effective bulk and transactional email-sending service for businesses and developers. Amazon SES eliminates the complexity and expense of building an in-house email solution or licensing, installing, and operating a third-party email service. The service integrates with other AWS services, making it easy to send emails from applications being hosted on services such as Amazon EC2. With Amazon SES there is no long-term commitment, minimum spend or negotiation required - businesses can utilize a free usage tier and after that enjoy low fees for the number of emails sent plus data transfer fees.

Building large-scale email solutions to send marketing and transactional messages is often a complex and costly challenge for businesses. To optimize the percentage of emails that are successfully delivered, businesses must deal with hassles such as email server management, network configuration, and meeting rigorous Internet Service Provider (ISP) standards for email content. Additionally, many third-party email solutions require contract and price negotiations, as well as significant up-front costs.

The pricing for SES is very reasonable too...

Amazon SES Free Tier
If you are an Amazon EC2 user, you can get started with Amazon SES for free. You can send 2,000 messages for free each day when you call Amazon SES from an Amazon EC2 instance directly or through AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Many applications are able to operate entirely within this free tier limit.

Note: Data transfer fees still apply. For new AWS customers eligible for the AWS free usage tier, you receive 15 GB of data transfer in and 15 GB of data transfer out aggregated across all AWS services, which should cover your Amazon SES data transfer costs. In addition, all AWS customers receive 1GB of free data transfer per month.

Email Messages*
  • Email messages are charged at $0.10 per thousand.
*A message is defined as a single email communication sent to a single email address. A single email communication sent to multiple recipients is considered to be a unique message to each recipient.
Data Transfer
Data Transfer In  
All Data Transfer $0.10 per GB

Data Transfer Out
First 1 GB per Month $0.00 per GB
Up to 10 TB per Month $0.15 per GB
Next 40 TB per Month $0.11 per GB
Next 100 TB per Month $0.09 per GB
Over 150 TB per Month $0.08 per GB

Data transfer “in” and “out” refers to transfer into and out of Amazon SES. Data transferred between Amazon SES and Amazon EC2 within a single region is free of charge. Data transferred between Amazon SES and Amazon EC2 in different regions will be charged at Internet Data Transfer rates on both sides of the transfer.

Read more about Amazon SES on the product site here.

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