Thursday, 5 November 2009

What's Google Got On You?

As you rightly know, Google has loads of information about *everything* under the sun, and more. Especially the personal information they are storing in their apps like GMail, Google Apps, Google Talk, Google Voice,  etc., etc. That obviously raises some concerns about privacy, in particular personal privacy. Enter the Google Dashboard - a new service that shows a summary of the data stored with a Google account.

"The dashboard lists some of the information associated with the Google services you use: your name, your email address, the number of contacts, the number of conversations in your Gmail inbox, your Google profile, the most recent entries from the web history etc. It's a long answer to the question: "What does Google know about me?"

It is nice to see a little transparency into their systems, and this is a big refreshing step in the right direction for the search giant.

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