Thursday, 5 November 2009

IBM Smart Business Development and Test on IBM Cloud

Today, IBM has announced a cloud services offering that will allow developers to build and test cloud based applications. Furthermore, IBM is offering *free* compute and storage for developers using this new cloud based platform from IBM.

IBM Smart Business Development and Test on IBM Cloud is designed to remove the burdens from developers who spend a great deal of time configuring their own test environments for their applications. By using a cloud service, developers can build and test in a fraction of the time, compared to more traditional methods.

IBM is targeting IT managers who often are managing hundred of projects on an annual basis. As such, this service certainly has the potential to translate into a competitive advantage. By decreasing development times, companies can move their products and services to market much faster.

The service already supports third-party and open-source tools. To read more about the offering, check out the official site from IBM.

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