Friday, 9 January 2009

Ouch, where's /windows/ ?

That's a stinger... it looks like the demand for Windows 7 has potentially overwhelmed Microsoft's web servers? As of 11:38AM EST I have not been able to get anything but an HTTP 503 - Service Unavailable error on the Windows website.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Windows 7 beta 1comes to TechNet and MSDN

In a post over a CNet news, Ballmer talks about Windows 7 at CES in Vegas. It looks like it will be headed out to TechNet and MSDN users TOMORROW.

"As for the beta of Windows 7, Microsoft said it will be immediately available for technical beta testers and those in Microsoft's TechNet and MSDN developer programs and will be made publicly available on Friday. The company still isn't officially committing to a final release in time for this year's holiday season, although the company is clearly still aiming for that."

** Update **
I just logged into my MSDN account, Windows 7 is listed already!