Thursday, 18 December 2008

Motorola Q & Microsoft Exchange

I have recently started a new career path, of sorts, and am enjoying it thoroughly. However, this is the first time in nearly 7 years that I have not had a company provided mobile device. I have had just about every type of Blackberry since their incarnation from the little pager style 850 to the Curve.

While the devices are excellent business tools, I had a hard time coughing up $400+ for a new unit or slightly less with a 3 year plan. So, I decided I will use a cell phone only... and made it almost 2 months! I really missed the email, but it was not really a necessity. The calendar was though!

An old friend recently upgraded to a Blackberry from a Motorola Q. He is happier than a pig in shit. When I was "complaining" about my cell only status he graciously offered me the Q. "Sure!" I said, "Why not?". I thought it couldn't be that bad.

The unit functions well, for the most part. The tricky part was getting the Exchange's push email (and cal) setup. The server admin at my current employer sent me their certs, and I installed them. Went through the config with out any issue. But no go.. And this seems to be a very common problem with the Q after searching through Google for help.

I was ready to pitch it out the window as I could not get it to work no matter what I tried. Until I came across this fantastic little tool from the Windows Mobile Team, SSLChainSaver.

It could not be easier to use. "From a command prompt, run the tool.

> sslchainsaver

This will create a directory called which contains all the certificates from the SSL chain. It will also create files called and which can be installed over USB using rapiconfig or put in a CAB file for installation on device"

After renaming the wm5.xml file to _setup.xml, I used makecab to convert the XML file into a CAB file then copied the file over to the Q. Launched it, and setup the Exchange connection (again!)... and crossed my fingers. SUCCESS!


  1. Get an iPhone - push notifications will be standard. And Android doesn't stand a chance

    Jailbreak anyone?

  2. Tried an iPhone; didn't like it. Moved to a BlackBerry again - home sweet home!