Friday, 14 November 2008

Rack-a-node howto

I have to say I am a little addicted to Purdue U's Rack-A-Node, but I can not seem to get too far past level 10. A quick Google search did not help when looking for a few tips. So, if you stumble across this post and have accumulated 200,000+ pts please leave a comment. Share your thoughts.


  1. I have thought of a way to balloon your score at the end (that shoudl be enough of a hint to figure it out), but haven't been able to get much past L10 myself.

    Have tried 3 distinct strategies, to no avail.

  2. Yeah, that's not bad but ... kind of cheating no?

  3. I made it to level 14 i believe - (one level past where Life Sciences are introduced). I finally made it that far by spreading the nodes across the racks as i filled them in, paying special attention to the top and bottom slots when upgrading as they get two immediate passes on the jobs. By the time you get to level 10 you need to have almost all the servers you've bought so far at 16GB of Ram, Hi Spd communication, Lvl 2 or higher processor. I've found upgrading the nodes fully is more important then trying to have more and more nodes.

  4. I just started to play this game a few minutes ago. So far I have gotten to lvl 17. I had the idea that old jobs started to dissappear but they actually get more demanding. One thing is for certain. UPGRADE YOUR MEMORY AND PROCESSOR, I only say one that needed Compiling and that was around lvl 13 or so, everything else needed Ram (mainly) Processor (that its a bitch) and Communication (which killed me). I'll be posting something more detailed if I pass lvl 20

  5. 1 - Buy QC + Lvl 1 Mem in slot 1
    2 - Nothing
    3 - Nothing
    4 - Buy QCEE in Slot 8 & QC + lvl1 Mem in slot 3, Up slot 1 to mem lvl2
    5 - Buy QC in Slot 4
    6 - Up Slot 8 com
    7 - Buy QC Slot 2 + lvl1 mem, Up Slot 1 Com
    8 - Up Slot 4 to lvl1 mem, Up Slot 3 com + max mem
    9 - Up Slot 2 com + max mem
    10 - Up Slot 4 com + max mem (add QCEE to Slot 6 during round - you could probably spend less on mem and buy this at the start instead)
    11 - Up Slot 6 com
    12 - Up Slot 1,2,3,4 with compiler
    13 - Up Slot 8 compiler + processor, Up slot 3 &4, to processor lvl1, Up slot 1,2 processor lvl2
    14 - Buy QCEE in Slot 5 + com + mem lvl2 , Up Slot 8 mem lvl2
    15 - Up Slot 5 & 6 to processor lvl1, Up Slot 3 & 4 to processor lvl2 (FAIL - need more speed)

  6. Got to lvl 14 just buy having 4 QC maxed and a QCEE maxed in ram and comm but the trick is, you need to space out your cores from the begining otherwise your guna lose.

  7. I am steadily getting stuck at level 14 now...QCEE units and 4 QC. I think i am upgrading my compiler too much. Focus on ram and COMM. Once all of those are maxed, get your CPU speed up. I use the center node because there is less time before the packets reach the rack, so it takes a sliver less off of the timer- very helpful for those "close calls".