Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Google Chrome (beta) - Big fan!

I was on vacation for a few weeks in God's Country - Thunder Bay - and was offline most of the time. After our return, and to my surprise; this morning I 102.1 the edge on my commute that there is a new web browser. I was thinking it was something odd, and a little boring...AT&T web browser? But, I didn't get to hear the news to find out who.

Then, after wading through 1000s of emails I come across the Google Blog - Fresh take on browser and read about Chrome. Too slick. I've only had it installed for a while but am VERY impressed with performance, UI, options and overall usage. Grab it here, if you're a WinXP/Vista user. Or, check out the feature set Google Chrome INTL EN features.


  1. I hesitate to use even upgraded versions of Chrome, since my last experience using it (first version) left my computer compromised; have they fixed the security issues beyond all doubt?

  2. I would certainly have to think Google has addressed the security issues in Chrome because I read yesterday they will be shipping it out with new PCs in 2009.