Thursday, 18 September 2008

Amazon to launch CDN

It looks like Amazon is expanding their hosted services offering by entering into the content delivery network arena. I am actually a little surprised they have not done something like this sooner considering their existing (massive) infrastructure.

This new service will provide you a high performance method of distributing content to end users, giving your customers low latency and high data transfer rates when they access your objects. The initial release will help developers and businesses who need to deliver popular, publicly readable content over HTTP connections. Our goal is to create a content delivery service that:

Lets developers and businesses get started easily - there are no minimum fees and no commitments. You will only pay for what you actually use.
Is simple and easy to use - a single, simple API call is all that is needed to get started delivering your content.
Works seamlessly with Amazon S3 - this gives you durable storage for the original, definitive versions of your files while making the content delivery service easier to use.
Has a global presence - we use a global network of edge locations on three continents to deliver your content from the most appropriate location.

If the end users can leverage this system and keeps costs down that will be great for everyone involved from the average web surfer hitting a site with content delivered from a close location geographically to the firm serving the content quickly and cost effectively. Watch out Akamai.

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