Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 - coming soon!

According to a post over at Channel 10 by Larry Larsen the wait for Internet Explorer 8 (beta 1) is nearly over.

"Surprise! IE8 beta is going to be available for download starting today at 12:00 PST. "

There have been download links up on the Microsoft site for some time today however they are all dead.

While I have been a big fan of Firefox and lately a bigger fan of Opera 9.5 - I am anxious to check out the latest browser from Microsoft. Some of the new features include Activities, Webslices, JavaScript debugging and tools, DOM storage, AJAX enhancemnets, cross-Domain AJAX, and more.

* Update * IE 8 download links are working as of 2:52 PM EST

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