Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Pingdom - web based early warning system

Over the years I have tested out many different types of (web) application monitoring tools. There are loads of them out there all with various degrees of strengths and weaknesses.

Recently I ran across an excellent tool, Pingdom. Their basic package I would think would be just fine for most businesses looking for a reporting package. For about $10/month you get 5 monitors that perform a HTTP/S, TCP, UDP or Ping test every minute. Alerts are sent out on a customizable schedule via email & SMS (handy for watching your email servers). Their full package comparison is here.

Many large firms are using Pingdom already including:
As far as the reporting goes, it too is very well done. Everything you could want in a reporting analytics package is there from high level monthly reports to granular logs as well as reports to view when & who was notified.

Finally, there is a powerful API & tool kit freely available from Pingdom here:

The 30-day trial is worth checking out if you're in the market for a good web based monitoring solution.

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