Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Pingdom - web based early warning system

Over the years I have tested out many different types of (web) application monitoring tools. There are loads of them out there all with various degrees of strengths and weaknesses.

Recently I ran across an excellent tool, Pingdom. Their basic package I would think would be just fine for most businesses looking for a reporting package. For about $10/month you get 5 monitors that perform a HTTP/S, TCP, UDP or Ping test every minute. Alerts are sent out on a customizable schedule via email & SMS (handy for watching your email servers). Their full package comparison is here.

Many large firms are using Pingdom already including:
As far as the reporting goes, it too is very well done. Everything you could want in a reporting analytics package is there from high level monthly reports to granular logs as well as reports to view when & who was notified.

Finally, there is a powerful API & tool kit freely available from Pingdom here:

The 30-day trial is worth checking out if you're in the market for a good web based monitoring solution.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Coghead harnessing AWS

This morning as I was plowing through the RSS feeds I came across a pair blog posts about Coghead utilising AWS:

I signed up for Coghead a while ago and was impressed with it's ease of use, but when coupled with Amazons web services the potential is unlimited.

Unfotunately, it seems that all of the great press it has received has also crippled the site..


About an hour after posting this I am once again able to get in... now, what to build??

Xobni update

Some time ago I subscribed to Xobni after reading a raving review about it. After getting my invite last week I have to agree 100%.

The basic tools in the latest version of Outlook for PC from Microsoft are quite powerful, however the goodies packaged with Xobni are fantastic!

One of the most notable features is the blazing fast search. This clobbers all other search tools I've tried. Other features include:

The full feature set is here, and the invite only signup list is here.

At the time of writing, I have an invite left. Leave a note if you want it.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Ass Clown...

I fear I have become the ass clown (for the day at least) that doesn't wipe the snow off his/her car before they hit the roads in the morning. I did the entire vehicle, but the roof. It was rock solid, figured it was there for good. Not so much. Bombing down the 407 I heard a worry some tearing noise from the roof. Looked back and a sheet of snow flew off the car. Luckily, nobody was around. Won't happen again Bortz.