Monday, 10 December 2007

Is the weather really getting worse?

Is the weather really getting worse? Well, maybe it is *but* I am also pretty sure that TV & radio stations are pumping up "storms" so much now that people are freaking out before leave for the morning commute.

A couple centimeters of snow (less than 1 inch) now calls for red blinking TV screens, buzzers and alarms with weather watches and warnings. Buses canceled, schools closed, and four-way flashers on? What the hell is that about. Honestly, if you're going to drive in the left (fast) lane with your flashers on - stay home. It's safer there from the weather and from other motorists your pissing off.

It is truly shocking now to see what will grind major cities to a halt. A light dusting over night results in chaos in the morning! Couple that with morning shows blasting you with weather alerts, reminders to leave 3 hours early, and constant updates about every single fender bender of course it is contagious. Of course people get punchy out there. But whether you have decided to make a life in Canada or have lived here your entire life it's not going to change. There will always be snow. There will always be cold weather. Get a scarf. Get a touque. Toughen up.

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