Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Gimme' that!

I had a quick chat with a colleague today who made a bet that it was possible to save a YouTube video to disk. The chap on the other side of the bet figured it was impossible, and this was a definite winner. Sorry Greg.

First, use KeepVid to save it to your computer.

Then, grab a free FLV to AVI conversion tool like, Freez FLV to AVI MPEG WMV Converter to change it to something more common.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Is the weather really getting worse?

Is the weather really getting worse? Well, maybe it is *but* I am also pretty sure that TV & radio stations are pumping up "storms" so much now that people are freaking out before leave for the morning commute.

A couple centimeters of snow (less than 1 inch) now calls for red blinking TV screens, buzzers and alarms with weather watches and warnings. Buses canceled, schools closed, and four-way flashers on? What the hell is that about. Honestly, if you're going to drive in the left (fast) lane with your flashers on - stay home. It's safer there from the weather and from other motorists your pissing off.

It is truly shocking now to see what will grind major cities to a halt. A light dusting over night results in chaos in the morning! Couple that with morning shows blasting you with weather alerts, reminders to leave 3 hours early, and constant updates about every single fender bender of course it is contagious. Of course people get punchy out there. But whether you have decided to make a life in Canada or have lived here your entire life it's not going to change. There will always be snow. There will always be cold weather. Get a scarf. Get a touque. Toughen up.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

No Hulu for you (Canada)

For some time now I have been patiently waiting for my Hulu beta invitation and today it showed up. I quickly logged in, setup my profile and started clicking around. Unfortunately, it appears that none of the content available will play in Canada, or anywhere outside of the US for that matter. 

Well, after a few curses I decided to hunt down an open US proxy server to route any HTTP requests to * through. So far, not so good... I am getting a new error page with optional videos but nothing is showing up yet...