Monday, 26 November 2007

Apple a day keeps the Dr. away?

Well, I have been meaning to post about Macs for some time now. Or even to just comment on how many Apple Mac computers I have come across in the last year or so. And not just in general, but die hard Windows (ex-Microsoft staff!) who used to loathe Macs are now praising them. What they can do. And most notably their reliability. There have also been the handful of friends who insist on Macs superiority quietly whispering "I told you so."

This past summer it was time to replace one of the computers we have at home with a laptop. Since it will be used by my wife, I wanted to pick up something slick, powerful but would do everything she needed. I grabbed a little MacBook and it has been flawless since. No regrets. In fact, I'm hunting one down myself.

But back to point, in previous jobs I spoke with many IT pros and execs many of whom hate their Windows based laptop for their own various reasons. All curse after an unexpected crash & shortly follow up with "This is why I have a Mac at home".