Tuesday, 18 September 2007

IBM Lotus Symphony Launches

IBM has launched an open source (free) based office suite, Symphony. The download is running now so I don't have any real feedback about it yet but at a high level it gives everyone (Win, Lin) three tools to go that are (as far as I've read) can compete with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

I will complete the install and push some screen shots up later on with some notes about the install, products, etc.

The install went flawlessly, and was pretty quick. The first thing that jumped out was the single interface for managing data. There is a solo UI with tabs to indicate the type of document you are working on. You also have the ability (ala Firefox) to drag the tabs around to keep everything in order.

Unfortunately, Symphony does not seem to want to open the latest Microsoft Office (2007) file format. No problem at all with 2003 or XP.

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