Monday, 27 August 2007

New puppy pictures

A few weeks ago we picked up our second Beagle puppy from Maple Oak Kennels, Daisy. Actually, our two dogs are in the picture on their website, right column, second down. The two sleeping together on the couch.

Here's a quick photo album from Picasa Web Albums:

First post on

Well, this is the first post on the blog. I was getting a little curious about how easy it would be to setup a domain name with some basic collaborative features for free for family. It wasn't that difficult at all.

I ended up buying my domain ( & DNS from EasyDNS who I've used for years. That was about $60 for a 2 yr .com registry as well as advanced DNS services. Really, you could use a free DNS service and a 'cheaper' domain registry for about $10-$15.

After registering I quickly signed up for Google Apps. That will give us email, Google Docs, Google Chat and a basic web page service after making a few minor DNS changes which quickly synchronized in about an hour.

Next I grabbed myself a new blog at - then pointed and Easy, right?

Really, that's it! I'll keep adding to this as I think of things :)